Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

Spice up your life...

...with an evening enjoying Stefeles international specialities.

Hi folks! After having the first sweet cheeries 2008 for breakfast our Saturday wasn't over - not for a long chalk. Together with some friends we enjoyed a short trip around the world tasting a selection of Markus' art of cooking. Have a look to the January menue: culinary short trip for savourer.
The first picture was the trip to Singapore: Filets on the skewer with roasted prawns on a layer of basmati rice with a fruity-spicy sauce and a mango sorbet. Any questions? ;-)

The creation shown on the third photo was titeled "Banause" (German for: philistine or low-brow) and was my "idea"...
...a sparkling grape juice (from Raumland, the best German producer for sparkling wine in 2007) in an espresso cup (with some remaining espresso inside the cup).
That sparkling grape juice ("Trauben-Secco") is a non-alcoholic drink, made from a high quality grape juice without any addition of sugar or water. With a special procedure Raumland adds the carbonic dioxide to the juice and as a result you get a perfect drink full of flavours like a champagne, but without any alcohol.

By the way: the culinary trip in February and March at the Stefeles restaurant goes to the Orient. Then the flavours of North Africa are in the middle of Markus cookery.
We meet at Stefeles?


  1. Anonym27/1/08

    das ging aber ex-presso
    multi gracie

  2. ist das, wenn man den Barista einer italienischen Espressobar als Gast mitbringt!? Dann geht's auch flott mit den Bildern!

    Gruß von B.M. nach Darjeelingstadt,
    you-wee & H.