Freitag, 9. November 2007

...have a great time down-under, Anna!

Enjoy your stay at Australia, Anna, and don't forget to throw in the postcard for me!!!


  1. Anonym26/11/07

    hey germany.I'm still alive and have a lot of sun here.not every time but often. aetsch!!!
    schoen uwe, dass mein bild auch tatsaechlich hier aufzufinden ist.
    deine postkarte ist doch klar abgeschickt und sicher auch schon angekommen.ihr muesst einfach mal wieder in das eiscafe gehen.
    hope you feel fine there.big kisses to everyone!!!greatings from australia.


  2. Hello Anna!

    Fine to see that you already lost your mother tongu (Muttersprache) and communicating in English!

    Yes indeed: The postcard from Australia arrived last week and caused some irritations whether Heike & me are really at Australia or not.

    Please do us a favour: Send us an address from you that we can send you a postcard to Australia!!!

    kind regards from Heike, me and the whole STEFELES team,


  3. Anonym28/1/08

    hey guys..

    sorry that i didn't read your message erlier.
    anyway, i actually don't have a fix adress in sydney but at the moment i'm staying at
    Glenwood Ave.7/5
    Coogee 2034
    NSW Sydney
    I'll be here for more 3 months because i got a job at an organic food I'm gonna save some money for the greatest trip ever across australia after i quitt the job.

    think you got my postcard maybe 3 weeks ago and i'm not shure if they charged some money from you, if yes i'm time i'll send it with a stamp.

    hope you are enjoy the winter i'll be back soon;) (on the 24th of august)..

    big kisses