Samstag, 22. September 2007

An exotic Saturday afternoon at Autohaus Uetze!

Have you ever been to Uetze??? --> approx. 37 km east of Hanover 52° 28′ N, 10° 12′ O !


Me, too.

Until Saturday afternoon, 2007-09-22.

And: I've never spend such a long time (3 hours) at a car dealership. Not even when I bought a car.
Uetze is 452 km away from my home town. At this afternoon we accompanied a friend, who is working in the automotive branch and takes care of this car dealership.
"Autohaus Uetze" was celebrating its 25-year jubilee - and I took some photos of this event.
That sounds banal - but indeed it was very exotic! Or who of you has ever been to Uetze at a sunny Saturday afternoon???

--> More pictures from Autohaus Uetze???


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