Donnerstag, 16. August 2007

- - - My 1st day as a blogger!!! - - -

Hi there!

My name is Uwe, Uwe Weiil - that's a German name. Because I'm German. Simple, but obvious, isn't it? I decided to write this blog in English. But who of the English speaking population in this known universe is able to pronounce my name in the right way???

So, to make it a little more easy 4U, I've translated it in "D-English" - You-wee Because. It's up to you. Call me Uwe or You-wee. Whatever you prefer more...

Everything is quite new for me - because these are my first steps to become a real blogger.

A picture very often tells you much more than thousand words. So I intend to tell you much of my life by showing you some of my pictures...
...where's my camera???
Ok - let's go. And here's the first photo... (--> why the f...ox is the picture on top of the text? Does anybody know if I can place it below the text as well??? Kjell, do you know??? ;-))
... yes ... looks a little strange ... is a little strange ... but remember: My first try! And it's authentically!

So. This was all for today - the first day.


  1. hej Uwe

    good to see you took the step unto the web, I will subscribe to your blog as you can do to mine, maybe I will write the comments in english in the future, Best of luck and see you in Hannover


  2. Uwe,
    when you upload pictures from your laptop you have a choise in the menu to choose size and placement of the picture