Mittwoch, 29. August 2007

Häppi Börsdaii, deer Markus... ;-)

Have you ever been to the "STEFELES" restaurant at Assamstadt?

No??? Unbelievable...!!! What a pitty, no, what a shame!!! ;-)

So, if you are looking for great international cuisine in the vicinity of the valley of the Tauber river (10km away from Bäd Mergentheim), you must go there...

Watch this:

And since yesterday, there's one reason more to visit the STEFELES: Markus, cook & owner has celebrated his XXth birthday party with friends & family.

Häppi birthdaii, deer Markus... ! ;-))

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  1. Anonym7/9/07

    hallo uwe,
    great, *****, vielen dank