Freitag, 24. August 2007

High in the sky - above Hamburg with the high flyer

Hi folks!
TGIF - Thank God, it's Friday! ;-)
A long, long week full of work is over and now there's a little time to go on "blogging". Because there are a lot of pictures waiting to be shown to you...
I hope I was able to share my impressions of my first balloon ride and the breathtaking views on Hamburg with you. I took the photos last Saturday morning (August, 18th) out of the basket of the captive balloon "HighFlyer Hamburg".
- HighFlyer Hamburg -
The HighFlyer Hamburg is one of the biggest captive balloons in the world. These balloons offer up to 30 people fabulous views at 150 m, in more than 40 places around the world. A trip takes approx. 15 min.

For further information about the HighFlyer balloons:

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