Freitag, 17. August 2007

Espresso Bar Italia - Bäd Mergentheim

Although the forecast promises to get (what sun worshipper call) bad & cold (???) summer weather today (--> 22°C, mixture out of clouds and sun and a little rain), I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon in front of my office desk and - two hours ago - this really gorgeous evening light known as "blue hour".
I hope you like my latest digital impressions of the castle and these two ancient houses in front of the church of my hometown Bäd Mergentheim.
And after taking photos - or just when knocked off work - one of the best places to enjoy your leisure time with a great espresso or an ice cream is: Espresso Bar Italia. Nello (Ciao Nello, come stai?) surly will serve one of the best coffees in town to you. And (it took a little time to convince him to have this on his list of beverages) he's able to offer you now a latte macchiato, perculated even with milk WITHOUT lactose (if you need to have like me). And - I promise you - the foam with that type of milk is even better/firmer than with "normal" milk... ;-)
As you can see, Nellos coffee bar is direct opposite the Bäd Mergentheim castle. So why not visiting Bäd Mergentheim next time being in Germany and having a great Italean coffee at Nello's!?!?!
Bonna notte è arrividerci!

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