Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Bad Mergentheim seen from a Ferris wheel

Over the weekend my hometown celebrated "Heimattage Bad Mergentheim 2016",
literally translated into "home (country) days" or "native days".

So we had a Ferris wheel 35 metres high for two days in the town center and I took the opportunity to explore my hometown from an angle of view I've never had before.

Bad Mergentheim's Deutschordensschloss, the castle of the Teutonic knights, in the background behind the tiled roofs of the core town.

The old town hall right in front of the market place, the twin houses and the steeple of the minster St. Johannes.

And the view to the south where I live somewhere on the horizon... ;-)

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  1. Anonym10/5/16

    Toll die Gelegenheit hätte ich auch genutzt. Und viel Glück beim entdecken der Zwischentöne, für Bernsteingold ist wohl nicht die richtige Jahreszeit aber sonst wirst du auf den dem schönen Darß sicher fündig.
    Bin schon gespannt auf die Bilder !
    Habt einen schönen Urlaub,

  2. What a lovely view over your town from the wheel. It's very beautiful where you live. Take care!

  3. What a beautiful series of photos! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  4. Fantastic photos of the Ferris Wheels and the views from it. Bad Mergentheim is such a charming town like the one from a fairy tale. You must be proud of the place you live close. Look forward to hearing about how you'll have relaxed yourself at the Sylt. Have a nice break, Uwe.


  5. Beautiful! Love city festivals!